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Salacgriva museum

03.03.2011 08:39

In 1998 the Salacgriva museum was established.
Currently the museum is situated at Sila Street 2, a house was built on the foundations of the old society house.
Nowadays there are about 3000 items in the museum holdings arranged into five collections:
•         photographs and postcards ( about 700 items),
•         tools and equipments for fishing in the river and the sea,
•         homemade textiles and household items,
•         documents and printed matters,
•         artwork of local artists.
The legendary baron Ferzen, for instance in the 18th century was related with the Vecsalaca Manor, where he had established the biggest collection of art in Vidzeme. The idea on establishing a sea museum also came from Ferzen. During his reign the intact wing of the medieval castle on Salaca castle hill held an amazing baron’s collection of marine artifacts. The very first items in the collection of our museum were old photographs and postcards showing Salacgriva and the life of its inhabitants. They document important changes in the development of Salacgriva and show the views of the town and its streets even 100 years ago. The museum is ready to form a new collection of immaterial cultural heritage. Filmed material about ancient fishing skills used only in Salacgriva region, interviews’ recordings, memory’ s stories of local inhabitants will be included there.
The museum is open:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 12.00 – 16.00
Saturday 10.00 – 14.00
In summertime from June 1st till September 30th:
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 10.00 – 17.00
Saturday 10.00 – 15.00
Giving us a timely call on the number
+371 64071981 you can arrange for a visit at some other time.
Entrance fee to the museum
Schoolchildren and retired persons –
Ls 0.20
Adults –
Ls 0.40
Schoolchildren and retired persons, guided tour –
Ls 0.30 (per person). Adults, guided tour – Ls 0.50 (per person) Preschool children, museum employees, handicapped and the retired from the local municipality – free entrance.
Exhibitions. The museum has two exhibition halls. A visitor can enjoy a permanent exhibition in one of the halls while the other hall is used for art exhibitions.
From the summer of  2010 a new permanent exhibition about fishing history and traditions in the see and on the river Salaca has been opened. The particular accent is made on demonstrating of old method of lamprey catching in the Salaca.
Photo studio “Lielsalace” Upon viewing all the exhibitions the visitors can try on hats, shawls and other historical accessories, so that they can take picture of themselves and their friends using an old Salacgriva postcard as the background. Studio is changing and growing.
Please mind! You have to use your own camera.
A museum guide shows the process of making fabric, starting from wool processing and to the actual weaving on a loom. The visitors can try it themselves, getting on the loom and weaving some part of a rug.

More info: phone: +371 64071981, fax: 64071995

www.muzeji.lv email: muzejs@salacgriva.lv

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Salacgrīva municipality council

Smilšu street 9, Salacgrīva

Salacgrīva municipality, LV - 4033

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PVN Reg. Nr. LV90000059796

phone - 64071973, fax - 64071993

e-mail: dome@salacgriva.lv

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