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Salacgriva Municipality Council Declaration on Green Municipality.

Declaration unanimously approved on July 21st, 2010 in Salacgriva Municipality Council meeting.
Approved in Salacgriva Municipality Council meeting, Resolution No. 419 (Protocol. 11; 33rd §) July 21st, 2010.

Declaration on Green municipality

The declaration is made in order to involve Salacgriva municipality all interest groups, to encourage and promote a healthy, economic, natural and man-friendly sustainable lifestyle and economic activities. At a time when the world is increasingly ask about environmental protection, energy conservation and alternative energies, and we Salacgriva region, we have decided to focus on environmental issues in our region is sustainable existence and development. Everyone of us has a desire to live in a clean and orderly environment and to maintain the well for their children. We can be proud by living in northern seaside with gorgeous and biologically diverse rivers, relatively undisturbed forests, North Vidzeme Biosphere Reserve.

Confirming the declaration on the GREEN MUNICIPALITY we want:
1. To promote "GREEN" thinking,
2. Ensure sustainable and healthy urban maintenance, development and implementation of environmental policy plans,
3. To provide special protection facility in accordance with the management,
4. To provide quality drinking water to residents, to provide wastewater collection and treatment,
5. To ensure the comfort of the beach under the Blue Flag requirements,
6. Sort of municipal waste,
7. Promote green procurement - environmental requirements into the wider local government procurement,
8. Create a web site informative section on eco-technology options to be considered.
9. To promote healthy, environmentally friendly products and use of the product,
10. To promote environmentally sound and efficient energy use,
11. Promote green transport (cycling and water), creating the necessary infrastructure for its development,
12. Promote environmentally friendly tourism development,
13. Support environmental education in promoting science learning in schools,
14. Involve municipality residents in environmental campaigns, everyday cleaning up the environment and share environmental education.

Implementation of the Declaration targets, drawing up development strategies, programs and other documents to comply with the principles of sagacity, do not make complicated bureaucratic conditions, but affordable for every municipality resident, simple, humane and understand the idea or action plan, which everyone can participate, everyone can feel the part of their implementation in life.

Salacgriva Municipality council chairman Dagnis Straubergs

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